Give Me A Crown

Based in country NSW, Australia, Give Me A Crown is about designing and making practical handmade items for storage with a focus on knitting project bags, DPN holders, zipper pouches, accessories pouches, and bags for yarn crafters or general storage.

Many of the items I make:

Product range

Items currently available through the Give Me A Crown online shop include:

DPN holders - 15cm or 6 inch

DPN holder - 15cm/6"

These snap holders will keep stitches safe on 15cm (6") double point needles.

DPN holders - 20cm or 8 inch

DPN holder - 20cm/8"

These 20cm (8") DPN cozies will prevent dropped stitches when you're not knitting.

Knitting project bags with snaps

Snap bag - small

Zipperless snap project bags for those who want to keep zips far away from their knitting.

Medium snap project bags

Snap bag - medium

Three skein knitting bags with snaps for large shawls and lightweight cardigans.

Large snap project bags

Snap bag - large

Sweater-sized project bags with snaps.

Mini snap pouch

Mini snap pouch

Little snap pouches to store stitch markers, coins, and other small things.

Sock project bags

Zipper bag - small

Various one to two skein project bags for yarn crafters that can also be used for general storage at home or on travels.

Sweater project bags

Zipper bag - medium

4 skein medium project bags, perfect for sweater projects.

Drawstring project bags

Drawstring bag

These bags can store knitting projects, crochet projects or be used to store other odds and ends.

Knitting needle storage

Knitting needle storage

Pouches to store circular and straight knitting needles.

Zipper pouch medium

Zipper pouch - medium

Around 15.5cm (6") wide, these pouches are useful for storing craft notions, makeup, and gadgets.

Pencil case

Zipper pouch - large

Around 18cm (7") wide, these large zip pouches are great for use as a pencil case.

Do you enjoy your yarn crafts? I have a weekly knitting, spinning and bits and pieces video podcast. Check out the Give Me A Crown podcast and show notes.

You can also find Give Me A Crown on Instagram and Ravelry.