Give Me A Crown

Based in country NSW, Australia, Give Me A Crown is about designing and making practical handmade items for storage with a focus on knitting project bags, DPN holders, zipper pouches, accessories pouches, and organisers for yarn crafters or general storage.

Many of the items I make:

Product range

Items currently available through the Give Me A Crown online shop include:

DPN holders - 15cm or 6 inch

DPN holder - 15cm/6"

These snap holders will keep stitches safe on 15cm (6") double point needles.

DPN holders - 20cm or 8 inch

DPN holder - 20cm/8"

These 20cm (8") DPN cozies will prevent dropped stitches when you're not knitting.

Knitting project bags with snaps

Snap bag - small

Zipperless snap project bags for those who want to keep zips far away from their knitting.

Medium snap project bags

Snap bag - medium

Three skein knitting bags with snaps for large shawls and lightweight cardigans.

Large snap project bags

Snap bag - large

Sweater-sized project bags with snaps.

Mini snap pouch

Mini snap pouch

Little snap pouches to store stitch markers, coins, and other small things.

Zipper pouch medium

Zipper pouch - medium

Around 15.5cm (6") wide, these pouches are useful for storing craft notions, makeup, and gadgets.

Pencil case

Zipper pouch - large

Around 18cm (7") wide, these large zip pouches are great for use as a pencil case.

Do you enjoy your yarn crafts? I have a weekly knitting, spinning and bits and pieces video podcast. Check out the Give Me A Crown podcast and show notes.

You can also find Give Me A Crown on Instagram and Ravelry.